Your Guide to Painless and Drama-Free Downsizing
Guest feature by Andrea Needham

If you’re living out your retirement years, no doubt, you would’ve heard the term ‘downsizing’ several times already. This is because it’s generally regarded as one of the best moves older adults can make, especially apropos to their finances and physical needs. Essentially, downsizing equates to right-sizing—that is to say, giving up heavy expenses and responsibilities (like a large home and mortgage) in favor of fewer responsibilities and costs and, better yet, more healthcare or living assistance.

Despite its benefits, many seniors and retirees still balk at the idea of downsizing—mostly for sentimental reasons, but also because it does entail quite a fair bit of work. However, if done right, you can, in fact, downsize with minimal effort and drama. Let’s break down the process, we are here to help!

Your Living Options

No doubt, the real beauty of downsizing is the possibilities it offers to older adults. Not only do you have ample opportunities to ensure that you receive the medical care and health assistance that your specific circumstances demand, but some senior housing options also allow you to live the lifestyle you want.

  • If your plan is to find a home to age-in-place, start by working with UrbanAsh to locate the perfect home.
  • Explore home prices in your preferred location to get a feel for the market.
  • Of course, if a home isn’t your plan, there are a good number of senior housing options you can choose from, and your choice will ultimately depend on your healthcare and living needs.
  • Some options are more affordable than others, so yes, you can successfully downsize on a budget.

The Financing Question

Of course, being able to live safely and comfortably, as well as enjoy life to the fullest in your senior years hinge heavily on your income. But as seniors face the prospect of trying to make a smaller income work in retirement, this can lead to some uncertainty. However, do know that there’s no shortage of resources you can tap to make your golden years truly golden.

  • More often than not, downsizing involves selling the family home and using the proceeds to cover senior housing costs and other expenses.
  • Before you do that, however, it’s more than wise to learn what selling your home entails.
  • Determine through your budget what you can reasonably afford.
  • Of course, there are even more ways to pay for senior housing, so do take the time to explore your options.
  • No doubt, a great way to finance your senior years is by leveraging your benefits and the special financing options that you’re eligible for, such as VA rates.

Making the Transition With Ease

Moving pains are real, and downsizing, especially, can be emotionally fraught. But of course, much of the challenges that you may encounter with this major life transition can be avoided—or at least, alleviated—when you approach it strategically, as well as when you get ample and appropriate assistance.

  • Downsizing can be a rather emotional decision. For this reason, bear in mind that though you may be parting with belongings, you’re not losing the memories.
  • With a positive outlook, you can then start decluttering in earnest.
  • Make sure to find a moving service online that can satisfy your move requirements.
  • To make the entire process easier, you can also consider working with a senior move manager who has the experience to assist you throughout this big transition.

Ultimately, downsizing will serve you for the long haul, which is necessary at this juncture in your life. So allow yourself this all-too-beneficial and maybe even necessary change for a safe, comfortable, and even enjoyable life in retirement.

Interested in learning more? The UrbanAsh Team is here to help! We’re available to provide top-notch referrals, as well as coordinate and facilitate with local vendors each step of the way. Contact us today!

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