Two Belltown residential projects have design review meetings on October 11th.

2033 4th Avenue

2033 4th Avenue returns for a Design Review Recommendation meeting. Plans call for a 45-story, 400-unit apartment building with retail.

The project’s design features a “street-level facade [that] is set back from the 4th Avenue sidewalk to create a patio for the cafe/bar. Inside, the cafe-bar spills over and shares space with the residential lobby.”

Amenity spaces will be located on levels 2 and 3—gyms, kitchens, gathering rooms, and workspaces. Levels 4 through 45 will house SEDU (small efficiency dwelling unit), studio, 1 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units. Then on levels 46 through 48 will be a rooftop pool deck and spa/meditation space for residents.

The virtual Design Review Meeting will be held at 7pm on October 11, 2022 and can be accessed here.

2700 1st Avenue

2700 1st Avenue is a proposed 16-story apartment building located in Belltown. Plans call for 246 apartment units with retail and parking for 228 vehicles. The 350,000 square foot site is located on 1st Avenue between Clay Street and Cedar Street.

The project’s preferred design option, “Cascade Terraces,” features a “taller massing to the north” and multiple rooftop green spaces for residents to enjoy. On the ground level will be retail and a residential lobby, followed by a level 7 terrace, and a level 16 rooftop amenity/terrace. The residential entrance will be located on Clay Street.

The virtual Early Design Guidance Meeting will be held at 5pm on October 11, 2022 and can be accessed here.

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