Considering a move or feeling the urge to refresh your space? Revisit our chats with organization and design experts for some tips to get you started.

Elizabeth Lee – Seattle Organizing Works

  • Treat the process like any other requirement (a doctor’s appointment, meeting, etc.) and schedule out time for yourself.
  • Start with extra storage spaces or garages. Pare down your belongings that are taking up space. If you move something you aren’t going to use again, it takes time and money to move it and store it again.
  • If your space is cluttered or you’re getting ready for a move: Put all of your seasonal items away to get a head start.
  • Once you start getting organized and have items that you are ready to part with, along with donation, consider listing items on Facebook Marketplace, consignment, etc.

Stacy Becker – White Label Interiors

  • Reshuffle items within your home. Maybe something that no longer fits one room will work perfectly in another.
  • Start cleaning out little nooks and build from there.
  • Organizing with kids — Consider bins that can be tucked away and look more refined. Live with less and purge what you can when you can.

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