Wayne Apartment Building Landmark Seattle

A Belltown neighborhood group hasorganized to preserve the 125-year-old Wayne Apartment Building as a landmark, which is slated to be demolished and replaced with a high-rise condo building.

The Wayne Apartment Building in Belltown, Seattle is a historic addition to the neighbourhood, the last of the old wooden row houses that linedSecond Avenue.

Today Wayne Apartments is now calledFunky Studios, amixed-use structure, currently with one story of popular bars at sidewalk level (Rocco’s Pizza, Rabbit Hole, Lava Lounge, Shorty’s, and Rabbit Hole), and seventeen apartments on the second and third floors. The upper level apartments were originally three two-story wood-frame attached rowhouses constructed some time between 1888 and 1893. The upper levels of the building, which pre-date the Denny Hill regrade, represent a once-common but now extremely rare rowhouse building in Seattle.

Whats unique about the Wayne Apartments is how historic and rare it is. Belltown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, and buildings such as this are occasionally found in other older neighborhoods.

The meeting will be held October 7th, 3:30 PM in the Bertha Knight Landis room of City Hall.

More information on proposal can be found onSeattle.gov

Working to Preserve Belltown- 125-year-old Wayne Apartment Building as a Landmark

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